Board of directors program enables corporations to structure online meetings by organizing and automating procedures that were recently manual. It helps administrators, just like company secretaries and legal counsels, to compile and distribute digital board provides, facilitate digital signatures and upload and update documents, and manage site users and workspaces. In addition, it lets them create guest accounts to increase file accord and system privileges to non-board affiliates, auditors or other permanent or temporary executives. It enables mother board members to easily access and review panel documents from anywhere at any time, with no need to search through physical board packs or email threads.

It makes it easy for directors to have notes and collaborate upon documents online and offline with the help of observation tools and private chats. Additionally, it helps these to quickly schedule meetings while using click of a button. In addition, it provides pre-designed organization design templates to streamline the meeting preparation procedure. It also features a mobile iphone app for easy and protect accessibility.

It prioritizes data security and utilizes strict levels of encryption systems to mitigate risk and prevent sensitive facts from dropping into the wrong hands. That allows managers to control permissions for a file folder or directory and promote it with specific users in bulk, ensuring that only the right kind of traffic get the correct information. Additionally, it comes with a reaching minutes builder that enables divisional heads to submit their records seamlessly before the meeting and automatically compiles communications through emails post-meeting completion.